New Pond’s Men finally In the Philippines!

With Pond’s Men, men finally have premium but potent products made to energize and recharge men’s skin.

Ponds Men

When you talk about beauty, men often fall by the wayside. Women steal the spotlight, and brands naturally concentrate on giving women what they want and need. But, as beauty sensibilities evolve, what then happens to what men want and need? How then do the boys become “beautiful”….or well groomed?

Pond’s – the number one face care brand recognizes that even men need to take care and groom themselves. Giving a whole new perspective about being a debonair gentleman and modern dapper, men nowadays are more active and goal-oriented than ever. A modern man in today’s culture knows how to commit to their ambitions and to take charge. 

They’re disciplined but definitely fun and sociable. But this is also a generation where a powerful masculine figure also cares about how he looks. These young go-getters understands the importance of looking good and feeling confident. Now, men take more pride in their appearance.

Pond’s knows that there’s definitely a standing need to have skin care products dedicated to men’s evolving skin concerns. After all, men’s skin has a set of specific requirements—a different level of moisture, a stronger oil control mechanism, a specific amount of skin sensorial coolness, and of course, a certain energized skin effect. 

At the Pond’s Institute, they acknowledge that it is high time men upgrade to a man’s brand offering higher order of benefits. And thus, with the understanding and acceptance of men’s skin needs, born from the same heritage as Pond’s much-loved products, and developed by the same meticulous level of expertise at the Pond’s Institute comes New Pond’s Men.

What Men Want: Bright + Energized Skin

With Pond’s Men, men finally have premium but potent products made to energize and recharge men’s skin. No longer will men have to borrow their girlfriend’s/ wife’s /mother’s skin care products. Instead, they will be able to get the benefits of brighter skin, minimized pores, and a healthy, energized glow by using products that specifically understands their skin.

Hailing its hero product New Pond’s Men Energy Charge, Pond’s Men is looking to win over men and assert its way to become an integral part of men’s regular skin regimen. It is the newest skin care brand for men to contain unique coffee bean extracts which gives bright + energized skin for all young urban men everywhere. With top skin care masterbrand Pond’s fueling Pond’s Men’s efforts and expertise, it’s only a matter of time that Pond’s Men will become the trusted skin care brand of choice among Filipino men.

Get Recharged

Now available in the Philippines, the New Pond’s Men range gives men everywhere that bright + energized skin. Its main product offering is the New Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash – perfect for men with normal to dry skin. It has the double ingredients of Coffee Bean Extract known to stimulate tired skin to make it look healthy and recharged; and Cooling Menthol to instantly refresh skin.

Aside from the Face Wash, Pond’s Men also has the new Pond’s Men Energy Charge All-in-One Moisturizer - an all-in-one formulation that combines a moisturizer that whitens skin and lightens spots, a toner that instantly cools and minimizes pores, and a serum that energizes skin to give it a bright, energized healthy glow. As men want to keep their regimen simple and no fuss, New Pond’s Men Energy Charge is exactly the product that’ll give men what they need, while providing the benefits they want.

Harnessing the power of Coffee Bean extracts, New Pond’s Men Energy Charge Face Wash and Face Moisturizer both apply a multi-benefit approach in caring for men’s skin. It boosts collagen and elasticity to brighten skin. This unique formulation also has free-radical properties help preserve skin cell energy. It enhances skin circulation that lends skin a healthy, energized and recharged glow – perfect for young urban men who lead an active lifestyle and are always on the go in and out of work. And finally, coffee bean extracts also inhibit the adverse effects of UV ray damage, thereby protecting skin.

Also available in the Philippines is the new Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash. This is perfect for men with oily skin or those with concerns on acne and pimples. It also has the power of two special ingredients – Mineral Clay known to instantly absorb oil and Hazel Extract known for its astringent properties.

Soon, Pond’s Men will be introducing more and more products into the market—products that’ll get men to look and feel their most recharged and energized self!

Check out the New Pond’s Men range in supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide. Visit follow Pond’s Men on twitter at

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