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Unilever Philippines repurposes manufacturing lines to produce Lifebuoy Sanitizers


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1 June 2020, Manila, Philippines—Unilever Philippines has leveraged on its years of expertise and resources to help address the country’s increasing need for hygiene products. Our manufacturing lines in the Philippines have been repurposed to produce Lifebuoy Sanitizers to provide Filipinos with an effective and accessible means to prevent the spread of diseases.

“In the late 1800s, Unilever’s founders revolutionized cleanliness through the production of the first low-cost, packaged hygiene products to keep communities safe and healthy. Ensuring accessibility while providing livelihood, this set a precedent for a purpose-driven business, which we continue to uphold today,” shared Benjie Yap, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Philippines.

Unilever, through its brands, is well-placed to take upon an active role in social causes relating to health resilience. Coming from the World Health Organization’s recommendation to put hand hygiene as the first line of defense against the spread of viruses, the production of Lifebuoy Sanitizers is a direct answer to the call for the practice of good hygiene habits. Lifebuoy is one of Unilever’s heritage brands focused on health and hygiene, with a mission to make cleanliness commonplace in society.

1M Lifebuoy hygiene products for communities in need

As part of our ongoing “Malasakit for All” program, we are donating one million Lifebuoy hygiene products to support communities across the country. This aims to provide antibacterial products to help protect families from diseases and to keep frontliners safe and clean.

In March, Unilever announced a global commitment to continue helping people around the world through donations of soap, sanitizer, bleach and cash flow relief to support livelihoods across its extended value chain. Aligned with this, Unilever Philippines “Malasakit for All” local response covers support for employees, partners, and communities.

Unilever Philippines repurposed its manufacturing lines to produce Lifebuoy Sanitizers locally. As part of its ‘Malasakit
for All’ program, 1M Lifebuoy hygiene products will be donated to support various communities across the country.

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