The first-ever Unilever Personal Care Summit

Unilever PC Summit

The industry’s top newsmakers immersed themselves in breathtaking vistas, as they looked forward to a weekend of discovery and limitless beauty with the number one Personal Care company in the Philippines.

Officially opening the summit was Chairman and CEO of Unilever Philippines, Peter Cowan, who welcomed esteemed guests from the media, as well as the various Brand Council members and ambassadors, who took time off their busy schedules to support the event.

Gina Lorenzana, Unilever’s Vice President for Personal Care, then presented the company’s Mission Vision to sustainably uplift the lives of Filipinos. “Unilever Personal Care has the widest reach and greatest depth of brands that reaches Filipinos from all walks of life. As such, it is our responsibility to come up with products that can positively impact Filipino lives. In Unilever Personal Care, we aim to put people first,” said Lorenzana.

PR Head for Unilever Personal Care, Apples Aberin, then spoke of Unilever’s commitment to continuously reach out and listen to the people they serve to better understand their needs and wants. To fulfill this commitment, she then capped off the Welcome Lunch with the unveiling of Unilever’s first-ever Personal Care Brand Council who will serve as inspiration to the many Filipino lives they continue to touch.

Unilever proudly chose experts and respected personalities who are well loved and at the top of their game. “All of our Brand Council members are inspiring representatives for each of the Unilever Personal Care brands,” said Aberin. “People look up to and want to relate with them. As such, they serve as the perfect touch points through which Unilever Personal Care can reach out and connect.”

Guests were treated to an insightful feast for the senses as they embarked on the PC Summit Experiential Discovery Tour. During this bespoke activity, they were able to see, feel, and experience first-hand what only the most respected brands in Personal Care have to offer. The specially designed tour took them through the Dove Between Us Girls Lounge, the Vaseline Summer Skin and Style Pavilion, the Rexona Do:More Pavilion, the Hair Supremacy Pavilion (with TRESemmé, Vaseline, Sunsilk, Clear, Dove, and Cream Silk), and the Fresh Lounge (with Close up and Pepsodent).

Embrace the Rexona Do:More Lifestyle

They say that action flows from thought. If this is so, have you ever stopped to wonder how your personal mantras are shaping your life? Sayings such as “this is as good as it gets” and “find happiness in contentment” may have merit on their own—but it’s easy to imagine how they can limit our potential if taken as creed. Which is why we at Rexona choose to believe—and live—differently. And why Rexona urges you to expand your mind, your actions, and your horizons by embracing the Do:More Philosophy.

Rexona’s Do:More Philosophy came into focus at the Unilever Experiential Discovery Tour, where guests had all their senses totally immersed and engaged so as to allow them to see, feel, smell, and experience first-hand how Unilever’s superior deodorant products can improve and transform lives. At Rexona’s Do:More Pavilion guests were encouraged to embrace the Rexona Do:More Lifestyle. To bring this idea to life, the crowd was challenged to join the Do:More Challenge against none other than celebrated sportsman and Unilever Brand Council member Phil Younghusband. 

Some of the challenges include: giving the most number of pick up lines in 30 seconds, most words starting with the letter R and the making most animals sounds in one minute. And though many of us many not get the opportunity to have Phil Younghusband urge us to step things up, we can start wanting more, doing more, and living more.

So ask yourself: Who do I want to be? Who do I want to be with? How can I push myself? And have the confidence to take action because Rexona has got you covered—and you won’t let yourself down. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, stretch yourself, take that leap, and turn your dreams into reality, have the confidence to take action, because Rexona has got you covered—and it won’t let you down.

Dove Celebrates Real Women

The much loved beauty brand came to center stage at the “Between Us Girls” Lounge, as Dove encouraged guests to discover real beauty, care and happiness, and the importance of understanding every Filipina’s personal care needs and concerns. These concerns came to life through an honest portrayal of real women’s top beauty woes via TLC: A Dove Dialogue. 

Performed by budding thespian and real women, Miel Abong and Liesl Batucan, the crowd was given a glimpse of the struggle women go through to look and feel nourished and beautiful—and how Dove has made it their mission to care for every woman’s hair, skin, and whole self—allowing her to discover just how truly beautiful she really is.

“At Dove,” shares Dove Brand Manager Carlo Isla, “we want every Filipina to love what she sees when she looks in the mirror. And we help women be at their most beautiful by giving them products that deliver superior care and moisturization. It’s not about piling on a mask of make up—but encouraging them to experience the difference that Dove’s skin, deo and hair care products can make. Ultimately, we want women to feel a sense of happiness that comes with knowing that they have taken the best care of themselves.”

Hair Brands show Supremacy

With its mission to improve and uplift the lives of Filipinos everywhere, Unilever knows just how important the role of hair care is in our lives. This was made apparent at the Unilever Personal Care Summit where top hair care brands Cream Silk, Dove, Sunsilk, Clear, Vaseline and TRESemmé, came together under one prestigious banner. Brand Council member Raymond Gutierrez played host as the guests witnessed a live styling demo from TRESemmé’s very own hairstylist, Lourd Ramos.

TRESemmé, Unilever’s premium hair care brand, showed the ease of transforming the latest runway trends into easy, everyday looks. For the past ten seasons, TRESemmé has been the official hair care sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, making cutting-edge style and hot-off-the-catwalk trends available to women in their own homes. And for some lucky members of the audience, they got first-hand experience of what it truly means to be salon-gorgeous having tried TRESemmé’s full range of professional-grade hair care products.

“There’s a reason why they call your hair your crowning glory,” states Anna Mangilin, Marketing Director for Hair Care. “Your locks make a statement to yourself and to the world. And at Unilever Personal Care, we want to make sure the statement you make is a gorgeous one by providing you with the expertise of our hair care brands.” 

Indeed, Unilever Hair Care takes pride in having a portfolio of brands to suit every Filipino need. Each brand is supported with world-class technology, and reaches households all over the country. This way, Unilever helps each consumer be who they want to be, where they want to go - one head of hair at a time.

Vaseline Summer, Skin and Style

Vaseline’s “Summer, Skin and Style” Pavilion was one of the exciting stops on the tour, as summer is a time for jaunts to the beach, spontaneous mini breaks, and simple everyday moments spent basking in the sun.

At the Vaseline Pavilion, guests discovered that this great brand was born more than 140 years in a form of a magic cream that healed dry skin in the US and Europe. The rich history of Vaseline includes the transformation of the magic cream to what we now know as Vaseline petroleum jelly. In the years after, Vaseline has launched relevant and effective variants such as Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh, Healthy White, Perfect 10—establishing the brand as a global skin expert.

This summer, Vaseline highlights Healthy White SPF 24. Dubbed as the one lotion you need this season, it whitens, moisturizes, and protects skin from the sun all in one go. Jules Gollayan, Brand Manager for Vaseline together with fresh-faced fashion blogger and Unilever Brand Council member, Laureen Uy, discussed everyone’s summer must-haves to keep them safe from the harsh summer sun: a hat, a pair of shades, and Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 which is essential for shielding, quenching, and nourishing skin.

Fashion forward Laureen also helped guests style their summer looks for a simply skin-sational photo opportunity. To wrap things up, Gollayan said, “Whether you’re beach tripping or city slicking, Vaseline will protect, moisturize, and whiten your skin for a soft, smooth and fair glow all over. Vaseline has got you covered and we are thrilled we can help you step safely out of the shade so you can flaunt your beautiful skin and style!”

CloseUp Pushes Confidence Through Music at the Fresh Lounge

A cool stop on the Experiential Discovery Tour was the CloseUp Fresh Lounge. Youth, love of life, and music have always been intrinsically linked with CloseUp. From Gino Padilla’s “Closer You and I” to Never The Stranger’s “Moving Closer” each generation has a CloseUp song that has served as the soundtrack to the standout moments in our lives.

At the CloseUp Fresh Lounge, John Imperial, Brand Manager for Oral Care, revealed how they would give the month of April a super boost with a new iconic music event, the CloseUp Summer Solstice Music Festival! The event’s fresh concept takes the best things about being young, alive, and free, and incorporates them into a solid harmony with one of summer’s biggest highlights.

Guests scored tickets to the CloseUp Summer Solstice Music Festival where the crowd is encouraged to party the night away at this 12-hour non-stop event as Close Up gives them 12-hour fresh breath so they can step out, get close, and hold tight until the sun comes up. With CloseUp, everyone is sure to dazzle with confidence from start to finish. So feel the music, love the vibe, meet and mingle as you build the confidence to dance away to your own beat.

The CloseUp Summer Solstice Music Festival: A 12-hour Summer Music Festival on April 27, 2013, 4pm to 4am at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds featuring: Afrojack,
Alex Gaudino, Apster, Cedric Gervais,
Jump Smokers, Sandwich, Spongecola, Urbandub plus a DJ set with Cobra Starship.

As the sun set on the PC Summit’s first eventful day, guests slipped in to their chic resort wear ensembles just in time for an evening of beauty, celebration, and prestige as Pond’s shared how to live beautiful during an elegant dinner reception.

When women feel good about themselves, they are able to do great things. This is precisely why inspiring women to look and feel more beautiful by taking care of their skin is at the heart of everything that is Pond’s.

Pond’s ambition to transform and uplift women’s lives was brought to life at the Pond’s Live Beautiful Seaside Dinner where the influential and stunning women of the Pond’s Beauty Council – Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Laureen Uy, and Catriona Gray, among others – candidly shared their personal anecdotes of how Pond’s and feeling good about themselves have made them successful in their craft and in the process, allowed them to make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

Energized by their own experiences, they look forward to touching more lives with Pond’s, with stories & beauty advice that will empower women to take care of their skin and choose to #LiveBeautiful.

After all, Living Beautiful is not skin deep – it builds self-esteem and confidence as it enhances physical beauty and in so doing, women are indeed able to do great things.

Not to be outdone by Unilever Personal Care’s women’s brands, Unilever’s Men’s Grooming Brands stepped up to the plate during the Breakfast with the Boys segment on the 3rd day of the PC Summit. Hosted by Unilever Personal Care PR Head, Apples Aberin, and Brand Council member, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, the event highlighted the men’s grooming brands of Unilever including, Axe, Master, Vaseline Men, Clear Men, Rexona Men and Dove Men.

The segment started with the hosts asking the opposite gender on what they think about the modern Filipino men, followed by a Manifesto Girltalk video which featured interviews of eight women from various backgrounds on their thoughts on the question - “What makes a guy guapo?” – is it if he’s an athlete or if he’s gifted with good looks (and genes), or if he has a pogi car? 

This allowed Apples and Rissa to introduce the guests for the breakfast session – each embodying the three types of guapo guys. The crowd was thrilled when top Unilever male brand ambassadors – James and Phil Younghusband, and popular basketball player, Chris Tiu joined them on stage. They were also joined by Unilever’s Brand Manager for Male Grooming – Jonathan Pua and Clear Men Brand Manager, Andrew Copuyoc.

Jonathan started by talking about Unilever being the No. 1 Male Grooming Company in the world and in the Philippines with their six big brands for men. “With Axe Fragrances, a teenage guy can get the girl because of the Axe Effect. A college student can also get that winning oil-free look on and off the court with Master Facial Washes. 

"For yuppies, we have Vaseline Men so they can have that great fair skin for that great impression at work. And in case they want to do more adventure activities, all they need to use is Rexona Men. We also have the biggest and best men’s shampoo in getting rid of dandruff with Clear Men. And for adults, we have Dove Men which provides superior real care for real men” said Jonathan. He added that Unilever is a great Personal Care company for men because “we know grooming, sports and how men think.”

Clear Men Ambassadors Phil and James Younghusband also talked about the epic Clear Dream Match last year – which broke records and helped make Football an even more popular sport in the country. “The Clear Dream Match is the first-ever all star Football game in the Philippines. Both of us actually led a team of the biggest names in the sport chosen by fans against each other,” said Phil.

Chris Tiu, on the other hand, talked about the biggest sport in the country – Basketball. Being the newest brand ambassador of Master Facial Wash, the No. 1 Face Care brand for Men, he mentioned the upcoming Master Game Face All Star Basketball Challenge and added, “to be the winning athlete you need to have the winning look and Master gives you that winning oil-free look on and off the court.”

To close the segment, Jonathan also mentioned another top sports activity of Unilever and one of the biggest runs in the country - the Rexona Run. The segment capped off with a discussion with Vaseline Men “Be the Man Win the Car Promo” where one lucky customer will get a chance to win a brand new Toyota 86.

The Breakfast with the Boys segment further solidified Unilever’s mission of educating every guy to groom himself. With these six Unilever male-grooming brands coupled with the sports activations and promotions, 2013 will surely be an exciting year for Filipino men of all ages. It will definitely be the perfect year for guys to do more and be the ultimate man so they can become the master in their own chosen fields.

To cap off the three-day event, Gina Lorenzana thanked guests and Brand Council members for taking part in the first-ever Unilever Personal Care Summit and for helping share the Unilever Personal Care Mission Vision of sustainably uplifting the lives of Filipinos from all walks of life.

Lorenzana also shared that the event is one of her proudest moments in Unilever. She of course acknowledged the hard work of Unilever’s Personal Care Team, headed by Apples Aberin, for orchestrating this weekend of limitless possibilities, forged friendships and beautiful experiences that truly made this an event to remember.

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