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Close Up

Closeup is written in small black letters with no space in between. There is a very thin silver outlining it.
A man and a woman have their heads touching each other, with the man looking intently at the girl and the girl slightly closing her eyes while smiling

Closeup is the first toothpaste to combine the power of pastes and mouthwash in a stunning gel. Through innovative products ranging from anti-bac protection, natural whitening, and all around oral care, closeup aims to provide unmatched freshness that empowers everyone with the confidence to get close as it fights for a world that is free to love.

Closeup: The Power to Get Close

Closeup is not just any ordinary toothpaste. It’s the first brand of toothpaste that combines the power of pastes and mouthwash to give you a whole-mouth clean. The efficacy of silica, plus the freshness of mouthwash, and the transparency of a gel make up the closeup gel toothpaste. Closeup Philippines has a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to developing innovative toothpastes through clinically proven technologies. The focus? It’s on anti-caries protection, visible whitening, and superior freshness, so you can have the confidence to get close.

What are the benefits of a gel-based toothpaste?

Silica-gel toothpastes like closeup have been around for over 40 years and are known for delivering longer-lasting freshness just like mouthwashes. It maximizes Flouride bioavailability for therapeutic efficacy. Closeup toothpaste is added with Zinc, allowing it to deliver oral health benefits while making brushing a truly pleasurable experience.

Gel-based toothpaste enhances the efficacy of its breath freshening power, strengthens its ability to remove plaque, removes visible tooth stains, and delivers actives in the mouth for total cleaning and freshness.

Closeup believes that you are #Freetolove

Closeup has launched its #freetolove program, believing in the right of every person to be with the person they are attracted to. Unfortunately, out of every 5 youths, less than 3 feel that they have the freedom to do this, opting to keep their relationship a secret due to fear of being discriminated.

For this, closeup pledges to transform the world from being a place where love has rules into one that lets love rule.

It encourages everyone to fight for love and the person they love because you are #freetolove anyone your heart desires.

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