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Cream Silk

The word Cream Silk is written in big pink letters set against a white background. Cream is above the Silk word.
Nadine Lustre's hair is draped over her shoulders, on the left side of the frame. She is stroking it gently.

Creamsilk for the Modern Filipina

Creamsilk loves every Filipina. It wants her to achieve her goals and be the best that she can be. Creamsilk also knows how challenging it can be to make it in a world where tough competition always thrives. But when the situation gets harder, the better we have to be. Because good is never enough, we have to be greater.

Nothing Conditions Like Creamsilk

Creamsilk Philippines, the country’s most trusted conditioner brand, brings to Filipinas superior conditioning at its core by offering a wide array of conditioners for shiny hair. Not only that, but it also offers different variants that meet every Filipina’s unique hair needs–hair fall, shine, straight, and colored hair.

With 30 years of experience in hair care, Creamsilk is the expert in Filipina hair, using the most superior technology used as a market benchmark. Because shampoos alone can strip hair of its natural moisture, Creamsilk conditioners moisturize hair and conditions it like no other.

By coating strands with an expertly formulated conditioner, you are in for hair that softer and smoother with every wash.

Be #ConditionedForGreater

Creamsilk doesn’t only promote gorgeously beautiful hair, but it also conditions Filipinas for greater.

Offering free 1-hour courses, it helps women upgrade their skills and seize the chance to land the job interview they’ve been waiting for.

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