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The word CLEAR is written in big white letters, set against a black background.
A man and a woman flaunting their hair for an anti dandruff shampoo.

With CLEAR, You’ve Got Nothing to Hide

CLEAR understands how difficult it is to stand out in a world that always wants you to go with the flow. It wants to empower both men and women to stand out without fear of showing their point of view. This is only possible when you have confidence in yourself and in your individuality.

CLEAR Philippines offers products for healthy hair that’s free from balakubak with its unbeatable anti dandruff performance, giving you the confidence in yourself and in your individuality.

The CLEAR Solution

CLEAR shampoo products are the solution to stronger and healthier scalp. It uses Triple Anti Dandruff Technology, wherein it combines scalp care and skin care with GUAR BB18 that enhances Niacinamide or Vit B3, the scalp protection barrier. This enables the natural defense molecules of the scalp, making your scalp healthy and moisturized.

There are CLEAR shampoo for men and CLEAR shampoo for women that promise to end recurring dandruff for good so that your hair will have nothing to hide.

The CLEAR Assurance

CLEAR products give you the assurance of zero scalp problems and dandruff with every day use. Take this chance to flaunt your individuality and shine in your spotlight moment.

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