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Breeze brand logo
A laundry tub with green, brown and white clothes is placed on top of outdoor grass. Next to it are four Breeze products.

Get Dirty for Good with Breeze and say "Sige sa Mantsa!"

Breeze has always gone beyond product performance. We believe that superior performance and expert stain removal should not be done at the expense of our environment- it should be delivered sustainably too. Breeze believes that real change doesn’t happen in the comments section, hashtags don’t plant trees, tweets can’t clean oceans. For change to happen, we need to roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

That’s why Breeze is using powerful yet sustainable ingredients in our formulations and better recyclable plastics in our packaging. We are also partnering with NGOs to counteract our environmental footprint, promote recycling of our waste, and creating a circular economy, empowering people to change.

Breeze is all about getting Dirty for Good- we are Tough on Stains, and Kinder to our World.

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