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The word Vaseline is written in white letters on an irregularly shaped dark blue rectangle, outlined with silver
Make it fun, make it Pond's

In a country where the understanding and acceptance of beauty diversity was starting to be celebrated more, a hidden tension remains that hinder Filipinas to be at their most beautiful self - not only physically, but as a total individual: Self-doubt, or hesitation. This stems from an unconscious conditioning from family and society which has spanned for generations – wiring the minds of the Filipina to hesitate. This conditioning and wiring, that are hindering Filipino women from uncovering their most beautiful self, have found its way into the digital age where a lot of things have become deprioritized. For women, that includes skin care, which means more stress, sun damage, pollution, late nights, and blue light from our screens. Filipino women just want to become their own best self. They want to start embracing their natural beauty, and that can be achieved with a skin that looks great even without foundation and make-up. Pond’s strives to permeate the emerging beauty culture in the country and play a very important role.

At Pond’s, we make it our business to care about your skin and the added strains of everyday day life, so you can always look your beautiful best. With our deep understanding, we are able to uncover the solutions for your various skin needs, coming from the fascinating innovation story and insights gleaned from years of research. Since 1846, we’ve been designing products to meet women’s evolving skin care needs and concerns. POND'S® skin care products are made to deliver beautiful results and to bring out the best in women’s skin. We believe that the better you understand your skin, the more beautiful it can become. Pond’s long-term purpose goal is to disrupt the beauty industry and make itself relevant in the most real way amidst a crowded beauty industry.

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