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Pespodent is a leading oral care brand with a wide range of products, benefitting from Unilever’s long tradition of R&D in this field. In 2008 Pepsodent collaborated with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and the World Dental Association (FDI) to help educate school children on the importance of regular brushing.

Choose to be confident. Choose Pepsodent.

Pepsodent inspires Filipino families to take superior care of their oral health. We do this by making oral care a rewarding and engaging experience for all Filipino families.

As Unilever's leading Oral Care Family Health Brand, we work in partnership with dental experts to develop unbeatable and top class oral care products scientifically designed to promote the right brushing behavior.

Pepsodent is recognized by both the FDI World Dental Federation and the Philippine Dental Association (PDA).

Improving oral health

With FDI and PDA, Pepsodent supports the Live Learn Laugh Program, locally known as the Pepsodent Batang May K Program. Started in 2007, the program aims to develop good oral care habits among children in day care centers. Children learn about the importance of personal hygiene and the value of day and night brushing. By creating the proper environment, children can see brushing as fun and interesting thus, making brushing even more effective. By teaching good healthy habits early on, we intend to give Filipino children a healthier start in life

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