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Elevate Your Style with Axe Black


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Last year, Axe, the number 1 male fragrance in the world, launched its newest variant Axe Black, and introduced audiences to the world of the understated man. A light and refined scent, Axe Black is the fitting complement for guys who believe that demanding attention isn’t always the best way to be noticed. Rather, these are the guys whose quiet confidence, and refined taste makes them stand out. #LessEffortMoreStyle, after all.

Axe brought to life the world of understatement last year with the Axe Black Pop-up Bar Series, which was hosted by a different ambassador for three consecutive months. This year, Axe takes it to another level by helping the effortlessly cool guy complete and elevate his style with the Axe Black Concept Store Series.

Similar to the Pop-up Bars, the Axe Black Concept Stores will be operational for one weekend only in each of June, July and August, and will be hosted by three new ambassadors with styles that are distinctly their own: top DJ Nix Damn P, lifestyle blogger David Guison, and up and coming actor Arjo Atayde.

Each leg of the Axe Black Concept Store Series will be unique, as the ambassadors are challenged to create a theme, and sell a range of products that they feel are representative of their individual style. They will be curating ten items that best embody their personal understated style during their on-ground Concept Stores, and five of their chosen ten items will then be sold via the special AXE store in Lazada, which will go live for two weeks after their respective on-ground Concept Stores close.

The launch of the new Axe Black Concept Store Series not only gave us a sneak preview of each leg, but also introduced us to the latest Axe girl – Coleen Garcia. A rising star in her own right, Coleen embodies the characteristics of an iconic Axe woman, as she stays true to her personality and seeks out the understated in every guy.

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“I’m so happy to be part of the Axe family because I really believe that a guy’s scent says so much about him,” shares Coleen. “I like a guy who wears a subtle, but notable scent, because it tells me that he has an effortless confidence about him.”

The Axe Black Council, including endorser Bamboo, last year’s winner Frank Magalona, and newest Axe girl on the block Coleen Garcia, will vote on concept, digital mentions and sales to determine the winner of the Axe Black Concept Store Series.

The Axe Black Concept Store Series shows that whatever your style, Axe Black is the perfect fragrance to complete it.

For more updates on the upcoming legs of the Axe Black Concept Store Series, log on to and follow @AxePhilippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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