Building Sustainability with Solid Cement Corporation and ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.

Building Sustainability Building Sustainability Building Sustainability Building Sustainability

Unilever, together with Solid Cement Corporation and ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., has recently closed agreements that will aim to pursue environmental sustainability. As part of the Environment Day of Unilever’s SHE-Q Week, the culminating event was capped off by contract signing with both companies.

Led by Unilever Supply Chain Director Ronny Krisnanto, a contract with Solid Cement Corporation was signed headed by their Energy Director, Eduardo Pons. This lets the Unilever utilize reliable and efficient waste management which aims to having more positive lasting impact to the environment and community. Segregated plastic wastes produced by Unilever will be disposed through co-processing by Solid Cement Corporation making it environmentally beneficial.

Moreover, a contract was also signed together with representatives led by Chief Marketing Officer Susan Afan of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. aiming not only to help the environment, but also to poverty-stricken provinces in the Philippines as well. Used machine oil and car batteries of the Unilever will be entrusted to the foundation expecting these to garner funds. These raised funds will be then donated to needy provinces in the country.

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