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100 on 100: New Dove Men Invisible Dry


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In the hustle and bustle of daily living, it is natural for men to try to make their routines as simple as possible. Men like to keep things easy and fuss-free, even when it comes to their choice of clothing. When he finds that tee he loves, in terms of fit, material, and sometimes price, he gets it in a hundred colors so he can wear it anytime, anywhere.

A man’s favorite shirt makes his life easier, and it’s not hard to see why. It provides him with comfort and effortless style. And the last thing he wants when he’s already feeling his best in his go-to shirt, is to see those pesky white marks and stains from his deodorant.

It’s a good thing then that Dove Men+Care understands this and wants to be every real man’s partner in helping him look and feel great. A brand that believes that real men show strength through care, Dove Men+Care introduces its latest innovation that helps them take care of themselves: Invisible Dry.

Tested not just on black and white, but on 100 different colors, Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry not only gives 48h underarm skin protection, but is also proven to be effective in keeping colored shirts free from white marks. Now, men no longer need to feel anxious about something as trivial as deodorant stains with the care that Dove Men provides. When men are comfortable and worry-free, they can focus on showing care for the people who matter in their lives. It’s the perfect deodorant for the real man’s perfect shirt and simple lifestyle.

To further bring to life just how invisible it is, Dove Men+Care partnered with Uniqlo, a brand known for its basic, everyday shirts that come in a range of hues. Watch out for the brands’ joint activities by following @DoveMenCarePH on social media.

Go ahead and try out real care for real men with Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry. Share how this deodorant goes perfectly with your favorite shirt by using the hashtag #DoveMenInvisibleDry.

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