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White Now, Why Later?

Close Up Bianca Gonzales

The aura of a strong independent woman is striking and captivating. She walks with grace, smells like roses and lights up a room with her dazzling white smile. She exudes true beauty with her confidence and of course, nothing completes that confident look than a dazzling white smile. Fashion trends may come and go but true beauty never goes out of style.

Celebrity, model, columnist, host, social advocate, and editor at large – these are just some of the titles that could be attributed to Bianca Gonzalez. Other than having the brains and the drive to succeed, Bianca exudes an air of confidence in the way that she carries herself: simple yet striking.

Between her job as the Editor at Large of Meg Magazine, writing her weekly column for the Philippine Star, TV hosting, and the social advocacy work she does in between, it can be tough to prioritize beautification rituals. However, Bianca still finds the time to stay beautiful while keeping a polished and put together look.

Bianca’s beauty philosophy? Beauty Can’t Wait – why settle for less when you can have an instantly beautiful look complimented with a glimmering white smile? This is why CloseUp White Now is an essential part of Bianca’s kikay kit, it is her classic fix for looking her best, achieved in just one brush.

Sharing her quick beauty fixes on-the-go Bianca says, “I really love lip liner for long lasting vibrant, red lips.”“For me it works a lot better than lipstick,” she says. Red lips are a favorite when it comes to instantly changing one’s look. It is a bold beauty fix that can really accentuate one’s features, particularly your smile.

Bianca also notes that a constant in her quick fix kit is a bottle of facial spray to keep her skin hydrated and to help cool off on a hot day, and green concealer. “Green concealer is important to have, because it is perhaps the best thing to use when trying to cover up those difficult red blemishes. It’s about color science really, when you mix a green concealer on a red blemish it combines to make a neutral color”

When it comes to fashion, Bianca likes to stick to basics, “I’m such a jeans and t-shirt type of girl,” she says. But Bianca says, “A nice sharp blazer and heels really does wonders when switching from a day in the office look, to a post evening meeting at a fancy restaurant.”

Bianca believes, however, that essential in completing any look is a killer smile. “It’s always important to wear a smile in whatever outfit you decide. Because it just shows how confident you are with yourself, and for me confidence is very important.” This instant beauty tip, Bianca says can be achieved with tube of Close Up White Now.

As the beauty brand of Oral Care, CloseUp White Now is CloseUp’s Instant Whitening toothpaste. “I think that it is something that women should always bring around,” Bianca says.

Close Up White Now has become an essential part of every woman-on-the-go’s quick fix beauty kit, because more than the average whitening toothpaste, Close Up White Now’s Blue Foam Technology acts like an instant concealer for your teeth and promises noticeably whiter teeth after just one brush.

Claudia Vega, CloseUp Brand Manager, says, “In the same way a concealer hides blemishes, the Blue Foam Technology covers the yellowish stains on teeth.” It is for this reason women like Bianca rely on Close Up for beauty fixes on the go.

As the beauty brand of Oral Care, CloseUp’s mission is to be a catalyst for closeness, promising long-lasting fresh breath and whiter teeth so you can make the right impression to get closer to others, your dreams and ambitions in life.

With a career that spans television, print, and online media Close Up White Now keeps Bianca feeling confident and ready to meet the demands of her busy schedule. Paired with her go to power outfit of aviators, a sharp blazer, and heels, her pearly white smile finishes off her look giving her that extra boost of confidence to get through her day.

For Bianca, there’s a quick fix for everything, a scarf to spice up an outfit, red lipstick to brighten your face, stilettos to polish a look, but White Now is the complete beauty fix that ties any look together.

You can view Bianca’s essential quick fixes on CloseUp’s Youtube ( and our CloseUp White Now Website ( starting June 21.

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