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Dove believes beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Why can't wrinkles be wonderful? Who says lines aren't alluring? Follow these skin care tips to help you live life to the full, however old you are.

Skin care tips

In your 20s

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Lucky you. Skin is at its best in our twenties. The hormonal teen years are behind you, and oil glands, which provide skin with moisture and plumpness, are at peak production. The skin's cells contain strong collagen and elastin bonds, giving skin both firmness and resilience.

  • Start good habits early by hydrating your skin daily with a moisturiser containing SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15.
  • Washing your face, particularly with hot water, strips it of its natural oils. Be sure to use a gentle, moisturising cleanser instead of soap, and follow up with a light moisturiser.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun: damage from the sun now will show up later as sun spots and wrinkles.
  • They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Apply night cream before tucking up, and wake up to a beautifully moisturised complexion.
  • Don't forget to hydrate from the inside, too. Drink at least two-and-a-half litres of water each day.

In your 30s

In our thirties, oil production decreases, and fine lines and "crow's feet" may begin to appear. Collagen and elastin start to break down, and broken veins may show up as tiny red dots. Skin also tends to be more hormonally charged in this stage. So just when you thought you had left puberty behind, adult acne makes its debut.

  • Your skin may begin to feel drier, so be sure to use a gentle cleanser instead of soap, followed by moisturiser with sun protection.
  • Hydrate your skin by applying a nutrient-rich night cream before going to bed. And speaking of sleep, physicians recommend you get at least eight hours each night.
  • Add a rich eye cream to your regimen to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Your dermatologist can prescribe medication for adult acne, or choose an over-the-counter remedy designed for your skin type.

In your 40s

Changes in your skin may be more noticeable now as you approach the menopause. It will become visibly drier and begin to lose some of its tone and elasticity. Deeper lines may form around the mouth and eyes, and skin may become more sensitive. In our forties, skin finds it harder to retain moisture, and your tone may appear less even. You may also notice that your skin doesn't heal as well as it once did.

  • Even if you've had oily skin in the past, now is the time to add an oil-free moisturiser to your daily routine.
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible. And when you are outdoors, be sure to wear hats and scarves to shade your face, even when wearing sunscreen.
  • Consider investing in regular facials to refresh your skin.
  • Start using a more intense moisturiser with retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which help improve tone and texture.

50s +

In your fifties, skin starts to show its 'character' as damage done throughout your life becomes visible. As you enter the menopause, there is a significant drop in oestrogen and progesterone, resulting in skin that is thinner and more fragile. You may notice more wrinkles, uneven discoloration and a paler overall skin tone.

  • Hydration has never been more important. During the day, use a rich, protective moisturiser with sun protection. Before bed, pamper yourself with a nutrient-rich night cream.
  • Both hot water and soap can be particularly drying at this stage. Always use gentle, moisturising cleansers instead of soap, and rinse with cool water.
  • Gently exfoliate to clear away dead skin cells, taking care to avoid harsh abrasives such as exfoliators that are rough on your fragile skin.
  • Because your skin is thinner, it burns easily. Any time spent in the sun now will contribute directly to the signs of ageing.
  • And remember: Worrying about wrinkles is a waste of time! Each one is a testament to a life well lived.
  • Get a jumpstart on your optimum skin care routine with these product recommendations from Dove. While every woman is different, our line of nourishing products is designed to help you achieve beautiful skin, no matter what your age.
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