Unilever Philippines Participates in City of Manila Clean-up

cleaning-up city of manila

Unilever Philippines, through community volunteers from the Paco Environment Enhancement Program (PEEP), participated in the 7 AM Clean-up in the City of Manila today, October 24, in meaningful celebration of Mayor Isko Moreno’s birthday. The volunteers cleaned the Estero de Paco stream within the Unilever Paco compound and swept the sidewalks of United Nations Avenue. A total of 33 bags of waste have been collected in the 2-hour clean-up.

Unilever has been supporting PEEP since 1993 through the daily Estero de Paco maintenance and regular community clean-ups. They are also a key partner for Misis Walastik--an incentivized plastic waste recovery program geared towards enabling communities to keep waste out of the environment.

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