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What’s it like to be a woman in science at Unilever?


Hear from innovators across Unilever, and watch five women ask each other about their inspiration, career highlights, and why they chose to work in science.

A group of five women sitting together for a round-table discussion. They are all scientists in varied roles at Unilever.

Within Unilever, 52% of people in our global R&D teams are women and 55% are in managerial roles. But the wider scientific community is still a long way from gender parity.

According to research from UNESCO, women account for just 30% of the world’s scientists and researchers, and only 35% of all higher-education students enrolled on science, technology, engineering or mathematics-related courses.

Our ambition is to build the most innovative, high-performing R&D team in the industry, and we’re proud that so many women are thriving in a huge variety of science-based roles at Unilever, across the globe.

To mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we put our own women in science in the spotlight.

In this video, you can hear about the diverse roles in our R&D team from innovators around the world and watch a round-table discussion with five of our scientists. They share what inspired them to work in STEM, their proudest moments, the advice they’d give to others considering a science-based career, and much more...

Watch the film below to find out what inspired them to work in science, their proudest moments, the advice they’d share with others considering a STEM career, and much more...

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