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A healthier you and a healthier environment, Unilever's plant-based offerings


Eating healthy is not just about your body, but also about how you affect your surroundings by your food choices. With a projected world population of 10 billion by 2050, Unilever seeks to address the potential food sufficiency problem in a healthier and more environmentally friendly way.

An image featuring The Vegetarian Buther products- NOMINCE, NOCHICKEN BURGER and NOCHICKEN CHUNKS.

Unilever takes the lead in its "Future Foods" ambition

In 2020, Unilever set an annual global sales target of €1 billion from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives within the next five to seven years.

The target is part of Unilever's "Future Foods" ambition, which aims to help people transition toward healthier diets and to help reduce the environmental impact of the global food chain.
"We urgently need to transition toward a food system that is more resilient and more sustainable and our ambition is to make it easier for people to eat more plant-based foods that has benefits for both planetary and consumer health," said Ed Sunico, Vice President for Communication SEA of Unilever Philippines.

To introduce change for its Filipino consumers, Unilever Food Solution is now offering The Vegetarian Butcher, a line of vegetarian meat that does not compromise on taste and texture.

The technology behind Unilever’s foray into making vegan meat

An image with an illustrated woman holding carrots and a knife. Next to her is the text that says, "The Vegetarian Butcher" and "Sacrifice Nothing"

The brand is on a mission to become the biggest butcher in the world by making plant-based meat its standard.

The Vegetarian Butcher's technology – patented and developed in close collaboration with Wageningen University – uses machines that can be programmed to mimic any animal protein from chicken, beef, fish, or pork.

Backed by its solid technological process, The Vegetarian Butcher maintains the same taste as a normal meat and is meant to revolutionize restaurant menus and signature dishes.

Three choices for Filipinos to switch to the meat of the future

An image that features the three TVB prodcuts and text says, "Now in the Philippines" and "Discover all our products"

Unilever’s The Vegetarian Butcher offers three products that will entice Filipino consumers to make a switch to the meat of the future.

The NOChicken Burger releases a chicken burger taste and a chicken texture, but it is a product that is meant to help reduce carbon footprint.

In making NOChicken Burger patties, cattle was replaced with a machine that's much more efficient in use of land, water, and fossil fuel.

Meanwhile, the NOChicken Chunks is your new nutritious partner that you can mix in any cuisine as it is made from soy and high in protein and fibre.

NOMince is your healthy version of minced meat or "giniling," which does not break down even after hours of stewing.

The NOMince product is also a good meat alternative in making pasta sauces, English traditional shepherd's pie, and other Asian-style stir-fry dishes.

Getting your hands on The Vegetarian Butcher meat products was also made easier, thanks to Unilever's partners who have agreed to join in this food revolution.
"Plant-based food is here to stay and grow. Partnerships and collaborations are crucial for any revolution, including the journey toward plant-based diets," said BJ Carreon, managing director of Unilever Food Solutions.

Making a difference starts within yourself. Join Unilever's food revolution now and watch the change in you positively influence the people around you as well.

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