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We teamed up with the PPHA to promote proper hygiene


Hygiene 101 key visual

As health and cleanliness through proper hygiene continue to be top needs for Filipinos today, we have partnered with the Philippine Public Health Association (PPHA), a nationwide organization of public health workers, in pushing for consistent education on proper hygiene practices for all.

Through the digital- and influencer-led information drive Hygiene 101 Campaign, we will deliver 101 tips about practicing right hygiene habits – from proper handwashing techniques, maintaining germ-free surfaces, and right ways to keep oneself bacteria-free after coming home from outdoors.

After equipping Filipinos with these habits, there is also the Hygiene 101 Daily Challenge – a daily series of hygiene challenges for everyone to take part in, with exclusive Unilever hygiene kits and vouchers up for grabs for those who can prove that proper hygiene is already second nature to them.

We hope to ultimately reach and help protect 20-million Filipino families through this health and hygiene campaign.

”Unilever is proud to show its commitment to improving and protecting the lives of our stakeholders through the Hygiene 101 campaign. We firmly believe that the fight to end this pandemic starts within ourselves and our communities – starting with practicing proper hygiene anytime, anywhere,” says Bea Joson, Brand Manager for Lifebuoy Philippines.

Meanwhile, the PPHA emphasizes in this effort its role in educating Filipinos on correct sanitation and hygiene practices, being an organization that seeks to improve the standard and delivery of public health services and create solutions to address public health problems in the country.

PPHA President Maria Luisa Orezca, concurrently the director of the Philippine National AIDS Council, cited the need to consistently support an information drive like this.

“The pandemic continues, and so must our vigilance and ability to protect ourselves and loved ones… This education drive can help remind everyone of necessary hygiene habits, while following all health precautions,” Orezca said.

She said PPHA has been embarking on efforts like this since 1964, and “looks forward to continuing this legacy of service with Unilever.”

Separately, as part of our ”Malasakit for All” Program, we have has also teamed up with the Philippine Red Cross to donate 5,000 hygiene kits to partner PRC communities.

Unilever Vice President for Marketing Dorothy Dee-Ching envisions that Hygiene 101 with the PPHA is another way for the company to fulfill its goal of making hygiene habits commonplace and accessible to all Filipinos.

“We hope that together, we can rise above these challenges, and create long-lasting hygiene habits for all,” Dee-Ching said.

As part of the campaign, we have also partnered with Lazada, Shopee, and Grab to launch the HYGIENE 101 SALE. From March 27-29, signature Unilever hygiene brands will be made more affordable and accessible for all, with Unilever favorites such as Lifebuoy handwash, Domex Multi-Surface Cleaner which can be bought at up to 50% off. Each kit comes with a special notecard with more hygiene tips, as well as shareable vouchers that enable consumers to pass on the habit of better hygiene to their loved ones.

Visit Hygiene 101 on Instagram here.

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