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Manila Launches “Kolek Kilo Kita” in Partnership with Unilever Philippines


Kolek Kilo Kita para sa Walastik na Maynila

This is the first and widest incentivized collection program for flexible plastic waste under Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso’s ‘May Pera sa Basura’ agenda.

Enabling communities to keep plastic waste out of the environment, for every kilo of soft plastics and other packaging, households are incentivized with Unilever products.

This is patterned after Unilever Philippines’ long-running program, Misis Walastik, currently operating in over 370 barangays in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

“Kolek Kilo Kita para sa Walastik na Maynila” is made possible through the full support of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission - PRRC, CEMEX Philippines, and Republic Cement and the mobilization of key offices in the City of Manila.

This landmark partnership, led by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, is a swift response to one of our major commitments to help collect and process more plastic than we sell by 2025.

Kolek Kilo Kita para sa Walastik na Maynila
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