Internships at Unilever

Learn on the job as you spearhead live projects, collaborate with bright minds, and create real business impact on one of the world’s top consumer goods companies.

Eli Silverio and Gyef Danao

“From challenging situations every single day, to critical decision making, there is no shortage of value-adding experiences and learnings even for us interns. At the same time, it is still so much fun. It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, while still being able to see the impact of the work we do.”

Eli Silverio & Gyef Danao, Business Weeker & Intern 2018

Mathew Tutor

“As a Unilever Intern, my greatest takeaway is that working with others drives mutual growth. In a highly competitive world, people are boxed into thinking that if they want to win, they need to focus only on developing themselves. In my internship, I’ve continually seen this mindset challenged because at Unilever, we believe that in order to grow, we need to drive the growth of our partners and the greater local community. This is why at Unilever we don’t call it Sales, we call it Customer Development because it is in developing the businesses of our Distributors and Customers that we grow. In Unilever, we grow together.”

Mathew Tutor, Business Weeker & Intern 2018

Diane Ong

“I am fortunate to have been given the chance to lead and execute my own projects because I get to make real impact in the workplace. I got to do things that I wouldn't do on a normal basis – design my own project materials, attend global workshops, work with people from diverse backgrounds, and pitch to a roomful of directors. I'm very thankful for my line managers, Lem and Zhen, who fully trust me in my work, take time out of their busy schedules to mentor and ask me how I'm doing with my progress, and cheer me on even in my small feats of accomplishment. They push me to go out of my comfort zone because they believe that I can always do more.”

Diane Ong, Business Weeker & Intern 2018

Eman Vallejera

"Committed to delivering real care to empower women and bring out their full potential, to letting moms and kids build lifelong memories and experience lessons through every stain that they get, and to bringing people closer by breaking barriers and removing the stigma in today's society. These brands are created and innovated everyday with one goal – to win with purpose. At Unilever, we create products not just to innovate but to build bridges and bring people together.”

Eman Vallejera, Business Weeker & Intern 2018

Application Process

Application Process Steps:

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  • Start Date: June but other openings may be open throughout the year
  • Duration: 2 months on average (full time)
  • Where: Philippines

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