Developing the world’s best talent and leaders

There is a wealth of opportunity for career development for HR Business Partners, HR Specialists and in HR Services and these opportunities exist at every country, multi-country, regional and global levels.

Ambika Sivadoss, HR Business Partner, SEAA

HR in Unilever is about HR with impact.

Our growth ambitions demand that our organisation has a structure and culture that make us fit to win in a fast-changing environment. Above all, they require us to find and develop the world’s best talent and leaders.

We know that an engaged organisation is an effective one. Our employees can be passionate advocates for our brands and products. HR professionals play a lead role in helping us to attract, develop and retain the right talent, develop our leaders and future leaders, create a performance culture which respects our values and further diversity within our organisation.

Unilever was one of the first companies to transition from HR generalists to HR specialists.

Business partners

You’ll ensure the right structure, culture, people and capabilities are in place to foster positive working relationships and meet business needs.

Expertise teams

Develop policies, processes, systems and tools that allow each business area to attract, select and develop talented individuals. You’ll connect with world-class external experts and keep us up to date with industry best practice.


Deliver and continuously improve services such as payroll, recruitment, pensions and benefits. You’ll also manage service performance.

Some HR achievements

  • 86% of our managers are proud to work for Unilever
  • We are the most preferred graduate consumer goods employer in 20 countries
  • In 2012 Unilever was named ‘Company of the Year’ at the European Diversity Awards
  • In 2012 Unilever China won the country’s ‘Most Women-Friendly Employer’ at the Women in Leadership Forum in Shanghai.
  • In 2011, 128,000 employees were registered for the Unilever Learning Academy’s courses.

Brands around the world

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We've won more employer awards this year than ever before. We're the biggest European FMCG in the world, and are rated #1 by Climate Counts for our sustainability initiatives.

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