As the Philippines' most trusted conditioner brand, Cream Silk inspires women all over the country to bring out their hair's full beauty potential.

Choose to be beautiful. Choose cream silk.

Condition yourself to be beautiful

Shampoos alone can never bring out the full beauty potential of women's hair. Cream Silk recognizes this and has designed its array of hair care products with the promise of expertly conditioned hair that cannot be achieved by shampoo alone. To bring out the best in women's hair, Cream Silk Conditioners coats hair strands with an advanced expert conditioning formula for super soft, incredibly smooth and beautifully manageable hair.

Expert hair solutions

Since its launch in 1984, Cream Silk has been at the forefront of developing the conditioner market in the Philippines, providing expert solutions with specially-formulated ingredients to answer women's different hair needs. It has widened its range of products by introducing leave-on conditioners in 2002 and treatment in 2007.

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