Closeup combines lasting freshness with sensational flavours and the power to brighten your smile – giving you the confidence to get closer.

Closeup is designed to deliver longer-lasting fresh breath, whiter teeth and a more confident smile – and each one of Closeup’s extraordinary toothpastes is made to leave your mouth feeling irresistible.

The brand has made an impact ever since it launched in 1967 with a bright red, spicy-flavoured gel – the first toothpaste with built-in mouthwash. And its unique formulas continue to stand out from the crowd.

Red, hot, ice cool flavours

The Closeup Deep Action range with Active Zinc Mouthwash offers up to 12 hours of freshness and removes up to 99% of germs. Microshine crystals also work overtime to transform teeth, removing yellow film and leaving a whiter, brighter smile. The flavours are sensational too. Options include spicy Red Hot, zingy Lemon Mint, refreshing Peppermint Splash, cool Menthol Fresh and the chill of Eucalyptus Freeze.

Closeup Fire-Freeze is a truly unique dual-coloured toothpaste, designed to get your senses tingling. A cooling blue stripe delivers long-lasting freshness, while a strip of warming, spicy red gel fights the germs that cause bad breath. And the Intense version really packs a punch.

Instantly whiter teeth

Closeup White Now is another unconventional invention – a toothpaste that can make teeth look whiter instantly. It contains revolutionary blue foam technology which creates an optical effect to reveal a more radiant smile in minutes, and is available in a range of flavours including Glacier Fresh and Ice Cool Mint.

And for a truly dazzling smile, Closeup Diamond Attraction will ensure all eyes are on you for all the right reasons. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, it features patented blue light technology which gives instant whitening results and works over time to give you a smile that sparkles.

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