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TRESemme is written in white letters, set against a black background. TRES is in caps, while emme is in small letters.
A beautiful woman is facing the camera, with her hand slowly lifting the right side of her hair.

With TRESemme, Every Woman Deserves to Feel Fabulous

TRESemme wants every woman to feel and look fabulous, just like the feeling of stepping out of the salon after a pampering session. However, frequent salon visits can be expensive and impractical; thus, TRESemme is bringing salon-quality hair care and styling into every bottle of TRESemme. From shampoo, conditioners, and hair sprays, you are guaranteed salon inspired and salon tested products each and every time.

There’s a Shampoo for Every Need

We all have different needs for our hair–shampoo for colored hair, shampoo with keratin, detox shampoo, salon hairspray, products with keratin treatment, shampoo for blonde hair, purple shampoo, conditioning cleanser, and more.

TRESemme has formulated unique products that give you exactly what you want–salon-quality hair without the hefty price.

TRESemme’s Values

Throughout time, TRESemme remains true to its values–the values that defined its founder. It believes in independence, confidence, and self-reliance to help you meet all sorts of challenges that you face every single day. Only TRESemme understands the power of hair to boost your confidence, which is why it doesn’t stop empowering women by bringing global hair trends to the Filipina.

Contact Unilever about TRESemmé

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