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Dove logo
Dove is written in blue, with a golden dove symbol below it. Both are set against a white background.

Dove Loves Natural Beauty

People come in different sizes and shapes, and that makes us uniquely beautiful. However, social media and culture have set an unwritten standard for beauty that is not inclusive. Dove Philippines understands women who feel like they don’t fit the standards. This is why it celebrates the uniqueness of every woman and supports them for whatever they want to be. Dove skin and hair products give you the right care for yourself, allowing you to feel good about yourself and be nothing less than beautiful.

Dove hair, skin, and deor products

Dove wants to take care of every beauty and personal care aspect of women, including hair, skin, and deor. It features Dove shampoo for damaged hair, Dove conditioner products, hair treatment, Dove bar soap, Dove beauty bar, and Dove deodorant variants.

Formulated with ¼ moisturizer, it helps women achieve their fullest potential and make them believe in their natural beauty as a great source of confidence. Our brand believes that to develop healthy relationships with people, it must start with a healthy and uncompromising relationship with oneself.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project

Believing that beauty should be a source of confidence, Dove created the Dove Self-Esteem Project, reaching over 20 million people through self-esteem education. It’s main goal is to ensure that the next generation is able to look at themselves in a positive light, maintaining a positive relationship with oneself.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project has tapped experts in the fields of health and body as well as psychology to create programs that help parents advise their young children about healthy relationships and friendships and overcoming body image issues.

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