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Launched in late Victorian England, Sunlight was one of Unilever’s first products – and the world’s first packaged and branded soap.

Sunlight has been making hygiene and cleanliness affordable around the world since the 1880s.

Unilever founder William Hesketh Lever launched the Sunlight Soap brand in the UK in 1883. At the time, Victorian England was plagued by poverty and ill health, and he wanted to revolutionise hygiene, bringing it within the reach of ordinary people.

Formulated with fresh lemon extracts to cut through grime and grease, Sunlight harnessed the power of natural ingredients.

More than 140 years later, Sunlight is now found around the world and is used for cleaning dishes. The power of lemons has been the secret to Sunlight’s degreasing power for decades and lemons are still key in our formula. We also use other natural extracts, such as lime, vinegar, green tea, aloe vera and cucumber.

Sunlight is now available across four continents, sold as Vim, Quix and Svelto. It also lent its name to Unilever’s Port Sunlight research and development site, created by William Hesketh Lever in 1888.

Sunlight and Sustainability

For over a century, Sunlight has been helping women across the world by easing the burden of household work and making their life simpler. By providing superior quality products, we have saved them significant amounts of time, water and effort every time they wash their dishes. In fact, every time a woman switches from non-dishwashing products, like ashes and powders, to Sunlight dishwashing liquid she saves time and water.

Women can spend the time they gain on the things that matter to them: their families and their communities. With a little more time each day, women have a little more power to make a difference in their world and help to create a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

Recently Sunlight has also partnered with Oxfam and has opened the first pilot Water Centre in Nigeria. The centre is helping people in the local area to have easy access to clean and safe water and reducing the amount of time and effort that local women spend collecting water.

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