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Today, there’s an unrivalled opportunity for partners to exploit innovative leads, especially those that can cross our product boundaries.

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We welcome approaches from potential collaborators, whether you’re a small technology start-up or a major international organisation, in our areas of interest. These are product and technology ideas related to our homecare, personal care, ice cream, beverages, savoury and dressings products and brands.

If your idea concerns an opportunity for new business, see for a separate submissions policy. If you have feedback relating to the performance of a product, please use the appropriate brand contact page.

In common with all companies, we have a policy for handling submissions and below you will find out how to start collaborating with us.

Start collaborating

Follow these steps to submit your non-confidential proposal:

Read the Confidentiality Waiver form. We recommend that you take legal advice if you feel you should or if you don’t understand the form. Only proceed to step 2 when you are happy to do so.

Print out the Confidentiality Waiver form. Fill in your name, address and other details. Sign the form, fax it to us at the number indicated on the form, or e-mail a scanned copy of the signed form to us at Please wait until we send you a reference number and proceed to step 3 when you have that number.

Send us your submission marked with the reference number which you will find at the top of the returned copy of the Confidentiality Waiver. [Confidentiality Waiver form (PDF | 22KB)]

Please do not send confidential information before completing a Confidentiality Waiver form. This protects our rights upon receipt of outside ideas and eliminates the risk of jeopardising on-going research programs, projects and developing concepts within Unilever. This arrangement reflects industry practices.

Also, do not send any ideas relating to product names, advertising, contests, promotions and trademarks as they are outside the scope of Open Innovation. And please do not send proposals if you are under 18 years of age.

Useful tips & advice

Before submitting your idea, take steps to protect your legal rights. Ordinarily, you shouldn’t disclose any information prior to filing a patent application.

We cannot return any material you submit, nor are we obligated to provide an explanation for the decision we reach with regard to your submission.

It may become necessary to enter into a written confidentiality agreement in order to discuss any further material not included in the submission. The express terms of such agreement shall govern the obligations of Unilever with respect to information deemed confidential thereunder.

However, unless and until any such written confidentiality agreement is signed, any and all materials submitted or otherwise provided to Unilever prior to such confidentiality agreement or otherwise not covered by such confidentiality agreement shall be treated as non-confidential and be subject to the Confidentiality Waiver.

Should you have more than one submission, you will need to sign one waiver form for each submission.

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to this process, please contact us at:

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