Our values

As a multi-local multinational we aim to play our part in addressing global environmental and social concerns through local actions and in partnership with local governments and organisations.

Purpose & Principles

Purpose & principles

Our corporate purpose states that to succeed requires "the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environment on which we have an impact."

Science and Technology

Science & technology

Innovation enables us to meet people's needs and aspirations in ways that engage and appeal.

Our people

Our people

The Unilever community is shaped and led by its people, who operate creatively within a framework of shared values and business goals.

Nutrition, hygiene & personal care

Nutrition, Hygiene & Personal Care

We're constantly striving to create more foods that make a positive contribution to health.

Our brands

From sumptuous soups to sensuous soaps, our products all have one thing in common. They help you get more out of life.

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