Unilever Vitality Village at Gawad Kalinga

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim Welcomes new residents 12-04-2011 : Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim Welcomes new residents to the Unilever Vitality Village.

The Unilever Vitality Village is a long-term commitment of Unilever Philippines to community building in the city of Manila, particularly in the community of Baseco, Tondo. Through the years, more and more families have benefitted from the houses that the employees have helped built – either by volunteering their time or raising funds to help finance the construction. Last 1 April 2011, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim together with Unilever Chairman and CEO Fernando Fernandez welcomed eight (8) more families into the existing 30-family community.

Building houses for the community is not enough. “Unilever aims to inspire people to create a big difference through small everyday actions. The company hopes to achieve this by encouraging the families of the Vitality Village to be a model community when it comes to protecting the environment,” shares Fernando Fernandez. Together with turning over the new houses, Unilever has also donated trash bins for each of the 38 families who reside in the Vitality Village, encouraging everyone to properly segregate and dispose of their wastes. A sachet recovery program was also launched where all flexible wastes recovered will be converted into pavers that will be given back to the community.

The recipients of the new houses are the following: Lolito and Mary Anne Razos, Teofisto and Adelaida Nedic, Rogelio and Rosalina Garcia, Crispina Raco, Norodin and Michelle Joy Pakil, Aurelio and Violeta Brimon Jr., Catherine Hispano and Katrina Hispano.

Unilever shares Gawad Kalinga’s mission of building the nation through creating peaceful and productive communities. And now, it hopes to make it an eco-conscious community as well.

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